Peaberry | What is Peaberry coffee?

Peaberry refers to a type of coffee bean that develops differently compared to typical coffee beans. Normally, coffee cherries contain two flat-sided beans, but in around 5% to 10% of coffee cherries, only a single rounded bean is found. This single rounded bean is known as a peaberry.

How does Peaberry occur?

Peaberries occur when, instead of two beans developing side by side within the cherry, only one bean is fertilized and grows on its own. Due to its unique shape, peaberries are often smaller and rounder than regular coffee beans, resembling small peas, hence the name “peaberry.”

What variety has Peaberry?

Peaberries are not exclusive to a particular coffee species. They can be found in both Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties. However, they are more commonly associated with Arabica coffee.

What are the characteristics of peaberry?

Some coffee enthusiasts believe that peaberries have distinct characteristics compared to regular beans. It is often suggested that peaberries have a more concentrated flavour and a brighter acidity. However, the flavour profile can still vary depending on the specific coffee bean, region, and processing methods.

Peaberries are usually separated from regular beans during the sorting and grading process. They have often been considered a speciality coffee due to their unique shape and potential flavour attributes. Some coffee connoisseurs seek out peaberry coffees for their perceived uniqueness and flavour concentration.

In summary, peaberry refers to a single rounded coffee bean that develops instead of the usual two flat-sided beans within a coffee cherry. They are smaller, and rounder, and occur in a small percentage of coffee cherries. Peaberries can be found in both Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties, and they are often associated with unique flavour characteristics, though this can vary.

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