What does Adinath mean?
Adinath is a Sanskrit word meaning “First Lord” and is an alternative name for the first Tirthankara of Jainism, Rishabhanatha. Ādinātha translates into “First (Adi) Lord (nātha)”, as well as Aadishvara (first Jina), Yugadideva (first deva of the yuga), Prathamarajeshwara (first God-king), and Nabheya (son of Nabhi).

Along with Mahavira, Parshvanath, Neminath, and Shantinath; Rishabhanath is one of the five Tirthankaras that attract the most devotional worship among the Jains.

After his renunciation, the legends state Rishabhanatha wandered without food for an entire year. The day on which he got his first ahara (food) is celebrated by Jains as Akshaya Tritiya.

Rishabhanatha is said to be the founder of Jainism of the present Avasarpiṇī (a time cycle) by the different Jain sub-traditions. Jain chronology places Rishabhanatha in historical terms, as someone who lived millions of years ago.

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