Bhutwa at Sangam Restaurant

Garhwali bhutwa at sangam restaurant

Bhutwa | Also Known as Bhutuwa in Nepali

Bhutwa: Check out my reviews of Bhutwa serving restaurants.

Bhutwa is a mutton preparation made in Uttarakhand with offals essentially intestines & stomach (innards) of lamb.

Bhutwa is a semi-dry curry and forms an essential part of Pahari food & diet for it is high energy.

In the Kumaoni cuisine, Butwa – a curry made of goat offal is considered to be a delicacy.

You can find and eat Bhutwa easily when going towards Nainital in a place en route called Agrakhal.

The most important organ for making Bhutwa is the stomach and its parts like the intestines and the whole digestive system, excluding the rectum.

In the Garhwali & Kumaoni cuisines of Uttarakhand, Bhutwa – this semi-dry curry made of goat offals is considered to be a delicacy.

It is also widely popular in Nepal & Bhutan and often enjoyed as a snack.

To make Bhutwa, the lamb innards are stir-fried with Himalayan spices to produce a wild and enriching flavour. Timur pepper contributes to its pronounced flavour.

It is also known as Khasi ko Bhutan or Khasi ko Bhutuwa in Bhutan.

Uttarakhandi Bhutwa is a delicacy that you can easily find while travelling through Uttarakhand.

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