Coriander Powder

Coriander powder is one of the must-have spices in any Indian household. Coriander powder or ground coriander as many prefer to call it is used not only in Indian cuisine but in different international cuisines due to its versatile mild flavour.

Whole coriander seeds, are dried and then round to a powder form to make Ground Coriander. Adding a teaspoon of ground Coriander gives a dish a subtle pleasant taste without being overwhelming. It contributes a nutty, sweet smoky and woody undertone.

Ground Coriander is used to make curries, soups and stews. It provides the following benefits.

Prevents salmonella growth – The addition of coriander powder to many Indian curries is due to the reason that ground coriander fights harmful salmonella bacteria preventing it from growing.

Anti-Allergic properties – Few clinical studies have supported the thought that coriander contains anti-histamine properties. This help reduces allergies especially related to skin irritation and hay fever.

Helps increase appetite – For those who suffer from a loss of appetite can benefit from consuming coriander powder with water or added to a juice drink.

Aids in Digestion – Ground coriander when consumed in tea form, help maintain a healthy digestive tract. It is good for relieving nausea, diarrhoea, flatulence and indigestion.

Recipes with Coriander Powder appear below.

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