Expectorant Spices

Expectorant Spices – Expectorant spices are herbs that help the body to remove excess mucous from the lungs. However, the word is often used to mean a remedy that is a tonic for the respiratory system. Mucous and any inhaled particles are normally voided from the lungs via the mucociliary escalator but this self-cleansing mechanism can become impeded or overloaded if there is an excessive amount of mucus or if the mucus is very thick and sticky.

Herbal remedies increase mucosa secretion and hence facilitate coughing up the secrete residual. The action of expectorant herbs results primarily from their influence on the gastric mucosa and following a reflex stimulation which leads to an increase in secretion of the bronchial glands.

Expectorant spices & herbs that have strong immune or antiviral actions in addition to herbs for lungs and basic respiratory support. Read about which safe, familiar spices herbs will provide comfort during a respiratory infection in this section.

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