Indian Gravies

Make Indian White Gravy Recipe

Make indian white gravy recipe

Indian Gravies – Places where you can find Indian Gravies. Restaurants serving Indian Gravies. Reviews of eateries that serve Indian Gravies.

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What are Indian Gravies – Indian gravies are gravies or sauces that are used in Indian cooking. These form the base for many curries and dishes. Indian gravies are usually made fresh for each dish in every Indian home and used in everyday cooking. Indian traditional cuisine gives the image and the feelings of delectable food steeped in various fragrant spices and curries enriched with different types of flavours through various methods of cooking. Curry as the word is used today, technically means a gravy. Essentialy, Gravy is a smooth liquid or semi liquid with a saucy consistency, which imparts body, taste, richness and very life to any Indian preparation. Most Indian dishes with a gravy have certain ingredients in common–such as garlic and ginger pastes, coriander and cumin powders and turmeric–and are made from a masala, a mix of these spices blended into a paste.

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