Lassi, What is Lassi?

Lassi is a  drink primarily made of curd and milk & is an Indian yoghurt–based beverage with a smoothie-like consistency.  The two are mixed together in such a way that they blend in with each other.

There are many varieties, but most are either sweet or salted; the former is blended with curd or fruit (such as mango) or whisked with sugar, whereas the latter is mixed with salt and/or spices, typically cumin or cardamom. These are mixed and blended together for a significant period of time.

The result of this is a paste-like drink that is refreshing. In the summer, this drink is particularly popular because its benefits are quite well known.

It is thought that salt mixed with this drink is extremely good because it helps people regain their lost salt through perspiration.

In addition to this, it is rich in protein, which is a bodybuilding substance.

In Punjab, many people who are health conscious believe that this drink is essential for gaining weight.

What are the different types of Lassi?

Variations of lassi can be prepared in different ways. Cumin and cardamom are the most common spices added to lassi.

Lassi has endless variations when it comes to flavours. However, the popular ones are Mango lassi, Kesar Pista lassi, Bhang Lassi, Punjabi lassi, Rose lassi, Chocolate lassi, and Banana Lassi, Salted Lassi.

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