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Where is Malwa?

Malwa is an Indian historical region of west-central India occupying a plateau of volcanic origin. Geologically, the Malwa Plateau generally refers to the volcanic upland north of the Vindhya Range.

Politically and administratively, it is also synonymous with the former state of Madhya Bharat which was later merged with Madhya Pradesh, and presently the historical Malwa region includes districts of western Madhya Pradesh and parts of south-eastern Rajasthan, sometimes the definition of Malwa is extended to include the Nimar region south of the Vindhyas.

How did Malwa Cuisine Evolve?

Madhya Pradesh is known for its royal Sailana cuisines, appetising street food and lip-smacking desserts! Talking about regional delicacies, Malwa cuisine is one of the most popular among Bundelkhand, Mahakoshal, and Gwalior based gastronomies.

Malwa region was once considered the business hub during 16th century since it was well connected to the other parts of India. The province covers the districts of Dewas, Sehore, Ratlam, Rajgarh, Jhabua, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Dhar, Ujjain and Indore.

Remarkably, Malwa food is a blend of Gujarati, Maharashtrian and Rajasthani delicacies. Initially, Jowar was being used as a staple food crop to prepare a variety of dishes but just after Green Revolution, Jowar was swapped by wheat!

Significant Dishes of Malwa Cuisine

Bhutte Ka Kees  – A very popular food of Malwa is bhutte ka kees, which is prepared from grated corns and later cooked in ghee, milk and spices.

Palak Poori & Aloo Sabzi Palak Poori is a deep-fried Indian flatbread that has the spinach puree blended with spices to the dough, kneaded  and then deep fried. It is served with aloo sabzi.

Dal Bafla – A bafla, is almost identical to Bati, is put in a kadai full of ghee and left there for a long time to soak as much of it as possible. The result is a sinfully dense Bafla which is enjoyed with a spicy Dal.

Papad ki Sabji – The crisp snack is crumbled and tossed with a handful of spices and curd to make this lip-smacking treat. Not only is it appealing to the palate, but to the eyes as well.

Sabudana Khichdi Sabudana Khichdi is one of the most popular fasting dish that is made with sago or sabudana pearls, boiled potatoes, roasted peanuts and a few spices.

Gosht Halwa – Malwa Gosht Halwa is prepared with pounded lamb, milk, khoya, sugar and flavoured with spices like saffron and cardamom. Garnished with rich nuts and finished with silver leaf, this decadent dish literally melts in the mouth.

Murgi SurvedarMurgi Survedar is a richly prepared Malwa chicken curry with almond and cashew paste, poppy seeds and thick coconut milk.

Chakki Ki ShakChakki ki Shak is made with a steamed dough immersed in a spicy Indian gravy and is served on festive occasions as a side dish. Chakki ki shak is well paired with a curd bowl and eaten lovingly in many parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Mawa Bati Mawa Bati are sweet balls of fried mawa stuffed with chopped dry fruits, cardamom powder. They look like bigger gulab jamuns and are served on festive occasions.

Doodh ki Shikanji – Doodh ki Shikanji is a concoction made by mixing various milk based products like Kesar milk, Rabri and Lassi.

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