Masala Dosa RK Puram

Podi Ghee Roast Masala Dosa at Sagar Ratna Sarojini Nagar

Masala dosa

Masala Dosa RK Puram

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What is a Masala Dosa?

Essentially, the flavourful variant of a plain and crisp dosa, masala dosas is a crispy crepe or pancake made from a fermented batter of rice and black lentils usually stuffed with spiced and savoury potato onion & mustard seeds filling.

Masala Dosa is one of the most popular South Indian breakfast dishes in restaurants and tiffin centres all over India.

Where did Masala Dosa originate?

Masala dosa has its origins in Tuluva Udupi cuisine, Karnataka. Tuluva cuisine is the collective cuisine of the Tulu-speaking communities of Tulu Nadu in coastal Karnataka.

When do people eat a Masala Dosa?

Masala dosa is a popular breakfast snack from South Indian cuisine and can be eaten all through the day for any meal and during any course. Whether it’s a brunch or even late dinner, the evergreen masala dosa never disappoints. 

What are the variations of Masala Dosa?

There are also some variations of masala dosa, such as Mysore masala dosa, rava masala dosa, onion masala dosa, and paper masala dosa.

What are the accompaniments with a Masala dosa?

Masala dosa is best enjoyed when served with vegetable sambar and white coconut chutney. A variety of other flavoured chutneys can be served with it also.

Who invented Masala dosa?

One of the kings of Mysore, Someshvara III, was the inventor of the masala dosa. The king had hosted an extravagant party that served a lot of food to his guests. 

However, once the party had come to an end, the king noticed that there was a lot of food left behind. Since he didn’t want the food to go to waste, he called in his team of cooks to devise something creative. 

The cooks set out to work by combining leftover potatoes with spices and then using them as a filling for the plain dosa. 

However, the cooks would add a spicy red chutney beneath the spiced potatoes, then fold the crepe and serve it with a side of plain coconut chutney.

How popular is Masala dosa?

The dosa is a staple in the southern states of India, no matter the day.

Given its popularity, Masala dosa has even made the list of 10 foods to try before you die, compiled by the Huffington Post, alongside famous dishes such as Beijing duck, moussaka, and BBQ ribs.

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