Recipes with Chivas Regal

Recipes with Chivas Regal

Recipes with Chivas Regal – Have you ever made any dishes from Recipes with Chivas Regal? If not, then you have to try out these delicious Recipes with Chivas Regal to experience some of the tastiest dishes.

What is Chivas Regal?

Chivas Regal is a blended Scotch whisky manufactured by Chivas Brothers, which is part of Pernod Ricard. It was founded in 1786, with its home being in the Strathisla distillery at Keith, Moray in Speyside, Scotland, and is the oldest continuously operating Highland distillery.

What are Recipes with Chivas Regal?

Chivas Regal recipes use Chivas Regal Scotch as a primary ingredient. These recipes are a perfect mix of being tasty, healthy and versatile enough to make irresistible snacks & dishes with.

Origins of Chivas Regal

This story begins in 1836 with two brothers named James and John Chivas (pronounced Shi-viss). The brothers were two of fourteen children born to Robert & Christian Chivas, living on the remote Strathythan farm in the Ellon Parish of Aberdeenshire.

At 26 and 22 years old respectively, James and his younger brother John left the small crowded Strathythan farm in search of the bright ‘northern’ lights of Old Aberdeen. At this time there were no train-lines or stage-coach routes across Aberdeenshire, so the young brothers trekked for several days across 20 miles of Scottish countryside to the Granite City.

Aberdeen at this time was a city typifying the period of industrial revolution, booming with new people, industries, exotic goods and most importantly new ideas. One of these new ideas was the blending of grain and malt whisky, referred to today as Blended Whisky.

Arriving in Aberdeen, John began working at a wholesale firm while his older brother James worked in a grocery store, where he later partnered with a gentleman named Charles Stewart.

This recognition of the reputation and quality of the business soon extended from the gentry of Scotland to Queen Victoria herself, who awarded James and Charles the first of many royal warrants to supply goods and provisions to her royal summer home, Balmoral Castle.

Since joining the Aberdeen grocery store James had learned and mastered the craft of tea blending. The skills James learnt during this time, coupled with his years of training both his nose and pallet, provided him with superior skill in the blending of whiskies.

Now inspired by his royal patronage, James Chivas began pioneering the art of blending whiskies, using the many ageing casks laid down in the shops cellars. He created what we consider today to be the Chivas house style – blending whiskies in a style encompassing smoothness, richness and harmony of flavour.

Charles Stewart left the partnership in 1857 and soon after John joined his brother James at the shop, forming the Chivas Brothers family business. This confirmed both the Art of Blending as an established technique and Blended Whisky as a category of whisky in its own right. As a result, the demand for Chivas Brothers’ smooth, rich and harmonious style whisky boomed.

When James Chivas died in 1886 the store was passed to his son Alexander Chivas (John having also passed in 1862) who continued to expand the business, assisted by his good friend Alexander Smith. Following the death of Alexander Chivas in 1893, Chivas Brothers was then taken over by Alexander Smith and its new Master Blender Charles Howard.

Following several successful releases across the globe Charles Howard, Chivas Brothers’ Master Blender at the time, wanted to create a new blend that payed tribute to the legacy of the founding brothers, James and John. Using the name Chivas Regal, Charles created what he believed to be the finest whisky ever made, releasing a 25 year old whisky in 1909.

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