Recipes with Dates

All About Dates or Khajur (Phoenix dactylifera)

All about dates or khajur (phoenix dactylifera)

Recipes with Dates – Have you ever made any Recipes with Dates? If not, then you have to try out these delicious Recipes with Dates to experience some of the tastiest dishes.

What are Recipes with Dates? Recipes with dates use dates as a primary ingredient. From blending them into a morning smoothie, to chopping them up for a salad topping, to tucking them into dessert, here are a few recipes with dates that feature the sweet dried fruit. The date palm, native to the Middle East, was mentioned in the bible as the “tree of life,” and the word “date” comes from the Greek “daktulos,” which means “finger.” Dates grow in large bunches which can weigh as much as 40 pounds, and large trees will yield more than 1,000 dates each year.

Presenting a collection of Recipes with Dates for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Do try our Recipes with Dates.

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