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What are Hungarian Spices – Aside from paprika, an abundance of other spices, seasonings, and herbs are used in the hearty cuisine of Hungary. Paprika is a richly flavourful ground chilli pepper that brings heat, taste, and colour wherever it’s used. Hungarian spices reflect Hungary’s love of flavourful foods and the diverse influences that created its unique food culture. The nature of Hungarian cuisine has been influenced indirectly by countries as far away as Mexico and more directly by nearer ones like Turkey. Hungarian food uses selected spices judiciously to add flavour, and despite the association of hot paprika with Hungary, most Hungarian dishes do not feature hot chilli peppers intrinsically, and one may request not to include them in the dishes that use it. In addition to various kinds of paprika and onions (raw, sweated, seared, browned or caramelised), other common flavour components include: dill, bay leaf, black peppercorn, caraway, coriander, cinnamon, garlic, horseradish, lemon juice and peel, marjoram, mustard (prepared), tarragon, oregano, parsley, vinegar, poppy seeds, and vanilla.
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